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Yoga became my passion after I discovered it as a way to heal my health issues.
I began teaching in 2008 in a traditional hatha yoga lineage and later branched out into other styles: yoga nidra, hormone yoga, kids’ yoga, pre- and postnatal yoga (with Birthlight).
I also teach Vinyasa and Yin, which complement each other really well. I have lived and taught in France, Spain and Italy (hence my suggestions on the yoga holidays page) before recently moving to London. My aim is to show students how to use the simple, profoundly effective yogic tools of safe movement, breath, relaxation and meditation in their everyday lives, so they can heal and thrive. To find out what my students say about me, you can visit my yogatrail profile. If you understand French, you can also register (for free) on Yogaconnect and sample 20 hours worth of my classes online, wherever you may be! To find out more about all the brave and optimistic people who are following the yogic principles to make our world a better place, click on the “Yoga for a better world”, where I present projects, films, books and people I feel passionate about.

I teach in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

I teach at the West London Buddhist Centre, Notting Hill: Tuesdays VINYASA @1 pm, thursdays HATHA @5.15 pm, Fridays RESTORATIVE @5.30pm, and at YOGACREATION,
Canary Wharf:Fridays 11:30 am POSTNATAL YOGA with babies and 1 pm PRENATAL YOGA. I also co-host a monthly group meditation event, “Meditate and Mingle“, in Shoreditch.
I hope to see you soon.
Namaste, Susanne.

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