Dear yoginis and yogis,
this July, I had many opportunities to reflect on the importance of teachers. One reason was that I was lucky to attend Uma Dinsmore-Tuli‘s day-long training on yoga for women in menopause, through London’s Yogacampus. We enjoyed two blissful yoga nidras and some original, unconventional ways of moving the body. It was also great to be in a room full of women going through a full range of emotions together.
Uma has written a comprehensive manual called Yoni Shakti, where she describes in detail how she went through many years of intensive training with different yoga traditions (Satyananda, Iyengar and Birthlight, mainly) and how her own teaching style emerged from everything she learnt there and in other aspects of her life (being a wife, mother, scientist, artist, teacher).

Many of her experiences resonate with me, and I hope that I’ll be able grow, over time, into a wise person that can help others the way my teachers have helped me, each in their own way. Everytime a student in class thanks me for a piece of advice, I feel grateful to be given the opportunity to share what I’ve learnt.
I would like to end today with a helpful article by the wonderful Yogibanker about how “finding your teacher means finding your soul” (click on the phrase). He explains that his own path evolved through the teachers he met – including Mark Hill, whose class we attend in London, and Satish Kumar, whom we visited together in Devon, as you will recall from last month’s post. Enjoy the thoughtful Yogibanker’s post, and enjoy the special vibration of summer, wherever you may be.