This is a book I read with great joy, as it explains with simple and powerful words what I believe to be an exciting prospect for the future, and the mission call for socially and politically interested yogis: that we can really make this world a better place by contributing to a global change in attitude.
David L. Roy comes from a Buddhist background, but Buddhism and yoga share many common traits, so a lot of what he writes is familiar and applicable to the yogic philosophy. He asks important questions – and he offers background explanations as well as possible answers. “Why do we think that more is always better”? “When will our GNP be large enough”? A question I asked myself often in my previous job as a translator of economic reports – I disagreed with their point of view so much that I ended up quitting that highly paid employment to try a different approach.

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David R. Loy devotes much space in his book to ecology, starting from his explanations on the flawed thinking which leads humans to exploit the planet, and then describing how more conscious people will necessarily have a different attitude.
Exploring our mindset towards money, sex, and war, he devotes his last chapter to his “notes for a Buddhist revolution”, hoping that “we can envision a more “dharmic” society whose institutions encourage generosity and compassion, grounded in a wisdom that realises our interconnectedness”. Through personal spiritual practice, a commitment to non-violence, patience and persistence, realising that we are all connected and that “impermanence means that no problem is intractable”, we can make this world more pleasant to live in – long term.