Dear yoginis and yogis,

astrologers and other New Agers have been gearing up for December 2012 for a long time. We are told the current times emphasise big and rapid changes. All who stay flexible and prepared to “go with the flow” whilst staying true to their values are expected to be swept up in a whirlwind of positive evolution. Yoga in Action is very much In Action these days – activities at Yoga Studio in San Agustin are winding down for the winter and I am relocating to Paris until June 2013. I shall be teaching at Dharma Yoga in St Germain en Laye ( and Yoga and Co in Paris near the Canal de l’Ourcq ( A retreat is in the making in Italy in April and a longer stay in Andalusia in July before returning to Mallorca in August 2013. I’ll be giving you updates regularly!

The schedule at Yoga studio is subject to changes until my departure (December 15th) so please, if you are not a regular, call in before coming to make sure your class is on.

Namaste and thanks for following me along!