Dear Yoginis and Yogis,

November has been successful in many ways, and 2014 will be an eventful year for Yoga in Action! I write to you from my village of Alájar in the Sierra de Aracena, which is boasting golden leaves and bright sunshine. The air is crystal clear and smells of cozy log fires.

I will be spending Christmas with Claudia Hubberten, Brent Mackay and 13 yogis from all over Europe in La Serrania (sold out retreat), one of my favourite places in Mallorca. Then I’ll head back to Paris, as from January onwards I’ll be teaching classes there, taking over from my beloved teacher Françoise Galan, who is heading for a long stay at her ashram, the Bihar School of Yoga. The schedule is on the yoga schedule page.

From the 3rd to the 7th of April, I am organising a French-speaking yoga retreat in a spectacular retreat place near Orvieto (Umbria, Italy) called Quercia Calante. At the time of writing, there are only 3 spaces left, but don’t hesitate to contact me, we will make space if we can!

August 2014 is already in preparation with the Posadas de Alájar, I am hoping to welcome many of you in my second home in the Sierra. I will be offering a relaxed yoga holiday week, probably from the 2nd to the 9th of August, 2014, and I’ll be receiving holiday guests there for individual classes all month long. More about that soon!

I hope you can keep up your practice over the holiday season – it’s the secret to staying fit and relaxed, as you know!

Sending you all my love and light from Spain,