Dear yoginis and yogis,
Do you like the new look of the website? It is still work in progress, but my gifted team of Italian webmasters is hard at work and I am very pleased with the results.
January is gone, longer days mean more light, which is good for our hormones and encourages us to go out and breathe deeply (if you live in a polluted city: seek out the parks!).
Valentine’s day is around the corner and we’ll practice partner yoga and thai massage again to “spread the love”. Remember that the law of karma says what you give returns to you – and often giving is at least as enjoyable as receiving. My Valentine’s gift to all internet yogis is a link to a short video by Catalan photographer WariOm, shot in San Francisco (it’s part of a series shot in different cities, but this one is particularly fitting, as the fun MC Yogi soundtrack is all about “giving love”). Want to smile ? : click here.