Scottish yoginis Lindsey and Emma offer a series of FREE podcasts (=audio recordings, downloadable from the internet) about all things yoga, called “YED Talks” (YED = Yoga every day), which cover issues as diverse as “yoga as a lifestyle choice”, “yoga  in the community”, “connecting with our chakras”, “body acceptance” or “class etiquette”. Anybody anywhere can listen to them free of charge and learn about noteworthy aspects of yoga that go beyond an asana sequence. At the moment, Lindsey is working on a series of recordings about yogis from all over the world. The Yogibanker was also recently a guest on the YED talks: Yogibanker on YED talks!

Yoga video channels are currently “the thing”, with such big names as Yogaglo, Gaia, or Eckartyoga, not to forget the French project Yogaconnect which carries 20 hours of my classes. It certainly makes sense to watch videos for demonstrations of poses and to find out more about the personality of the teacher giving the class. Yet there is definitely also a need for audio material, as people who listen to podcasts on long car journeys will confirm! A downloaded podcast is also something you may choose to listen to at night for a small dose of audio-guided inspiration before bed, when you have switched off your screen. It’s like having a friendly teacher whispering in your ear whenever you have a bit of time!

I met Lindsey Porter personally and was impressed by her commitment to bring yoga to everyone, everywhere. She found yoga as an anchor and a stress-management technique in her thirties, when she was balancing a demanding corporate job and family life. The more she developed her yoga practice (she became a certified instructor in India in 2006), the more she realised that her current “work-life-juggling” was crazy. She and her husband decided to walk the talk and down-scale their lives so she could leave her job and be more present for their sons.

side stretch

Because Lindsey couldn’t quite shake off her experience as a project manager, she began to start yoga “projects”, with a fine sense for what was needed in Scotland – and it turns out that what’s useful in Scotland can be helpful anywhere.
That’s why, on top of her local classes and retreats, she created the YEDtalks with her friend Emma, as a way of reaching a global audience to share knowledge about yoga in an easily accessible audio format. Have a listen and let us know what you think!