Ralf, soldier

I hadn’t thought of doing yoga until Susanne offered a weekly class at my workplace. I’m a runner. I manage to attend the yoga class quite regularly, and I really like how it makes me feel. The other day I went for a run and came past this group of people doing yoga in a park. I thought “hey, that’s tree pose!” and I wanted to join right in.

Marianne, translator

I feel so good after your classes that I am happy to come twice a week and would honestly consider coming even more often if I could

Guillaume, lawyer

I’m quite active, I do a lot of sports, so I never expected to feel the exercises in my muscles. The body is obviously being moved in a different way than in the sports I do. One of the things that fascinate me is how I feel in those short pauses between postures. I’ve started practicing on my own with the worksheet you gave us

Emma, marketing consultant (private student, has multiple sclerosis)

The other day my husband said to me: ‘what a pity Susanne can’t come every day. You are always in such a good mood after your class

Emily, lawyer

When I make it to your yoga class after work, I sleep really well afterwards. Sometimes that’s the only day in the week I’ll get a good night’s sleep.

Alex, writer (private student, has fibromyalgia)

Recently I had a medical intervention at the hospital, I remembered to practice the breathing techniques and they proved really helpful to calm me down before the intervention started

Raquel, stay-at-home mum

Hi Susanne, I’m Raquel from the prenatal yoga group. My son Hector was born two weeks ago and it all went very well, no problems at all. As you know I really liked your classes this summer. I believe they helped me a lot

Agnès, art historian

I really like how much variety you bring into your classes, the themes you come up with. And in the 3-hour workshops I surprise myself daring to try poses I never would have thought I’d be able to do.