Dear yoginis and yogis,

what an eventful year it has been for Yoga in Action, literally action-packed from early January, when I arrived in Paris and took over from Karuna Galan so she could go to India, until late December, when I attended the first part of the excellent Birthlight training course.
The highlights in between were the two merry yoga holidays, the April one in Umbria and the August one in Andalusia.
I was also lucky to train with a very venerable French yogi, Claude Vallot, whose Parisian workshops are always a special experience!

As every year, some of my students had a baby, others went on their first yoga teacher training course or their first retreat, introduced a family member to yoga or started a simple home practice to give them more strength and patience on a daily basis. Life in all its facets!

2015 promises to be exciting too. There is the next Umbria retreat in early May, the second half of the Birthlight training in June, hopefully another Andalusian retreat over summer, and who knows what else? I have a couple of media-related projects in the pipeline, which I will not reveal until they are ready 😉 and my lovely Italian webmasters are working on a new version of this website, which you will discover soon.

I will begin the new year on a yogic note by attending a “Sankalpa workshop” at the Life Centre in London on January 1rst. I will include all of you in my good wishes – may you be healthy and hopeful, wherever you may be.

Happy new year!