… or what you can learn about life from a Dachshund: Detachment, stress management, emotions – spending a week with a cute sausage dog as a teacher was a beautiful lesson in many ways. Here is what little Isotta reminded me of:

  • Make sure you get enough sleep. In fact, sleep anytime there is nothing better to do. Make sleep your default mode. Of course, be ready to participate in any action that should unfold, which will be easy if you are well rested. Hence, you can be snoring one moment and then plop down from the sofa a nanosecond later to start playing or to go out for a walk.
  • After spending some time without moving (in Isotta’s case: sleeping, but it also applies to sitting on the sofa or at a desk), make sure you shake out the inertia with a full-body wriggle, a big yawn to relax the jaw and two deep full-body stretches: downward facing dog and upward facing dog. In no particular order.
  • It doesn’t matter if you eat the same food every day. It’s not about variety, but about eating something you like that’s also good for you. Dig in whole-heartedly every time, like it’s a special treat, and drink a bit of water afterwards if the food was quite dry!
  • Going to the same park every day is also not boring, it’s exciting every time! There are always new people to meet, you may find a pine cone to munch on, and you can run like mad just for the joy of it! Excellent preparation for your next nap, too.
  •  Don’t hold a grudge. If someone who loves you does something you’re not impressed with (like leaving you alone of an evening to go out), don’t waste precious together-time by sulking when the person returns to you. Shake it off with a full-body wriggle, let go completely of the past as if it had never existed, and celebrate the present for all it has to offer.
  •  Be curious. Life is multi-facetted and full of unexpected twists and turns. You don’t want to miss a bite of it. Give every moment all your energy and enthusiasm. Also, don’t hold on to a plan just because that’s the intention you had. You may be playing with a soft toy, but then someone may offer a bone. Go for the bone, you might return to the soft toy later.
  •  It’s ok to be alone (you can always sleep) but being part of a pack is so much more fun. Be ready to include any nice people into your pack, the more the merrier.