Dear yoginis and yogis,
June has been a big month for Yoga in Action. First of all, our “secret project” is now out in the open. Thanks to, you can now take classes with me online, in French, wherever you may be! Use the 1-week free subscription to browse around the videos that my three fellow online-yoginis and I have been shooting with Laure, the young and dynamic founder of this start-up project, since February. If you like them, we hope you’ll sign up – we are still shooting new videos every month!
Secondly, I am delighted to have graduated from the Birthlight perinatal yoga course – it is a very demanding course and I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful network.
Last but not least, I am moving to London for the summer, and will be dividing my time between London and Paris until the end of 2015. I will be giving privates and covering my fellow Birthlight teachers’ classes in July and August, out of Notting Hill.
Looking forward to hearing from you all, and wishing you a lovely summer,