Dear Yoginis and Yogis,
Isn’t it amazing that the United Nations actually declared a World Yoga Day? It’s June 21rst, one of my favourite days of the year as it is Summer Solstice, the longest day in the Northern hemisphere, and in Northern European countries there are big bonfires in the countryside where people meet to dance, celebrating Midsummer. So the yogis would say it is “very auspicious” for The International Day of Yoga to be on that day!
The first edition of this event was held in 2015 and it has been taken up enthusiastically by the yoga community, with many studios running special events.
The official theme for 2017 is “Yoga for Health”, which seems evident anyway, but it certainly resonates strongly with me, as it is the healing aspect of yoga that I am most fascinated with (I am not currently seeking enlightenment, albeit that is the end-goal of yogic practice – I’ll start with becoming healthy, calm, focused and compassionate 24/7, and then we’ll see about the enlightenment part…).

This year I wore my “Yogibanker” t-shirt and joined my friend Nadège Lanvin, the founder of Parisian studio Yoga and Co, for the official Parisian celebration of the event, hosted by the Indian embassy and guided by Iyengar yoga master Faeq Biria (quite an experience). The weather was beautiful and lots of yogis came, the event was clearly very popular!


So mark 21 June 2018 in your calendars, but don’t forget that, a bit like Mother’s Day according to my mum, “Every Day Is Yoga Day!”