In three days, it is possible to rejuvenate enough to feel five years younger – I have recently experienced it again myself, and seen it on the faces of ten other people, at a yoga retreat in Mallorca with Claudia Hubberten. The magic mix was potent, and it worked: on three days in a row, (plus an arrival and a departure day), we experienced sunrise meditations, two yoga sessions (pranayama, asanas, guided relaxation or yoga nidra), one sound healing by Larissa Israel, vegetarian home-cooked food based on local ingredients, sunny days and tranquil nights in a gorgeous converted farmhouse, Es Vinyet.


Our sound-healer Larissa also guided us through some experiential psychology exercises, most of which she had learnt in Bali.

There were some extra highlights: a morning yoga session on the beach followed by a refreshing dip in the sea, free cuddles from two funny dogs, and even a taster of the farm’s own wine!


On arrival, we were a group of stressed-out men and women in their thirties and forties, with frazzled hair, hunched shoulders and deeply-lined faces. Many of us felt close to a burn-out due to a mix of stressful circumstances we had to deal with in our daily lives.

On the morning of our departure, we all looked five years younger, and felt that way, too: back-pain gone, emotions soothed, sleep and digestion fixed, optimism and sense of humour restored. Even our yoga poses (and daily Oms) were already a lot deeper and stronger – after such a short time! And yes, that goes for me as a yoga teacher too, almost as much as for the “regular” students.

You’d be entitled to charge a fortune for this effect – but Yoga Mallorca keeps the prices down as much as possible, to make the retreat affordable. Claudia and Larissa are clearly on a mission and deeply passionate about their work.

It’s so important to be reminded of what it feels like to be in balance, nurtured and calm. I wish I could be sure none of the participants will ever again be as frazzled and burnt-out as they were on arrival. But at least they now all know that with the magical ingredients listed above, we can create a potion to recharge and rejuvenate when needed – what a relief!

If only everyone I know could experience this, at least once.