yoga-susanne-haegele-invisible-giantsI first heard about her because one of my students is friends with her and gave me her book, Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a time.
Lindsay spent the first 15 years of her career building entrepreneurial companies before founding Leaders’ Quest as her ‘last start-up’.
Leader’s quest takes seasoned executives as well as young high potentials and social activists on “quests”, which are trips to some particular interesting areas of the planet (for example emerging market economies, or the Middle East).
The groups then meet up with people from all layers of society – politicians, activists, students, slum-dwellers, etc. – to get an inside view of what is really going on in those places.
A fascinating way to travel and again an encouraging signal that not all top-executives spend their entire free time cruising on yachts and ignoring social realities.