Dear yoginis and yogis,

Have you noticed that it seems easier to create a bond with people you meet in yoga studios, during yoga workshops and on retreats than with people you meet elsewhere? You may never see these people outside of the studio or after leaving the retreat centre, but somehow a lasting bond has been created through moving together, relaxing together and sitting still together, as I regularly find when I get a chance to meet former students, teachers or “gurubais” (=people you share a teacher with).
Yoga is even translated as meaning “union” (it comes from the sanskrit word for “yoke”).
Of course, part of it has to do with the fact that the people you meet in such places are like-minded, or else they wouldn’t be there. This in itself is probably the simplest explanation.


That being said, there is something about sitting on a foam block in well-worn socks and a stretchy / baggy outfit that allows us to be seen in a different light from our public persona – how surprised one can be when meeting the same people in their “power outfits” on their way to or from work!

Several of my former teachers also emphasised that sharing a yogic practice, especially meditation, with other people creates an energetic bond we should not underestimate.

I think that practicing yoga allows us to lower our defensive walls, to open up to others in a softer way. It’s hard to imagine yelling at someone right after emerging from a blissful savasana, right? Which is one of the main reasons I teach yoga – to help spread inner and outer peace in my surroundings… and to hang out with like-minded people. I have met some of my closest friends through yoga… and even my boyfriend. Of course, it happened when I least expected it, and was wearing baggy clothes and zero make-up. I was also really happy.

See you soon, on the mat or elsewhere, and until then have a merry month of May!


PS: stay tuned for some events I’m currently preparing with the Yogibanker to further explore this idea of meeting through yoga !