Dear yoginis and yogis,

My trip to Australia and Singapore was truly fascinating, and I feel very lucky to have had a chance to visit such amazing places as Sydney, Melbourne and the Blue Mountains. The natural beauty of Australia deserves its reputation, and the Australian people are very friendly and welcoming. Seeing cockatoos, kangaroos and wallabies in the wild is truly unforgettable.


I am now back in London and teaching quite a few classes at Yogacreation, as one of their regular teachers is currently away. The prenatal, mum and baby, as well as “yin-yang” style classes are a joy to teach, and the students in Westferry create a lovely community.

This weekend I also helped Anne Malone host the “mantra lounge” at a festival in London called “Mind Body Spirit”. There was a funny moment yesterday when people had been queuing half an hour for a meditation but the teacher never showed up – I stepped in on the spur of the moment and shared the “receive and give love” meditation I had learnt from Claude Vallot in Paris last year, which I also recorded as part of my “Yogaconnect” videos. Despite my lack of preparation, the session was well received.

These shows, where “spirituality” seems to become a product sold at market stalls and presented on stages, can be quite overwhelming – it is incredible how many people nowadays make a living out of very varied methods of healing – not only through yoga practice, sounds and mantras, meditation, healthy foods, or supplements, but also “angel therapy”, “quantum healing”, healing crystals, and all sorts of other approaches. All share a common goal – to help people feel better, heal, thrive and make the world more peaceful and sustainable. “There are many ways up the mountain, even though there is just one mountain”, as the old yogis used to say.

I guess there are as many types of healing practices as there are types of people, and it’s great that in today’s (Western) world we have the freedom to experiment and choose the way that suits us best – even if that involves dressing up as a fairy unicorn, as I saw yesterday at the Mind Body Spirit show. J