Dear yoginis and yogis,

It is done – I have moved to London, and to mark the occasion, my website has had a big make-over (I hope you like it).

yoga-susanne-haegele-new-beginnings-londonI began teaching cover classes at the lovely little studio called Yogacreation, in Westferry (Canary Wharf) just a few days after my arrival. I knew I was on the right track when one student came up to me after class and said “that was the best relaxation experience I have ever had, I felt like I was floating, and I loved singing the OM afterwards”. So far so good.
Following some really good conversations I had with some of my students before leaving Paris, I have decided to add a page to my website to present projects and people working for social change from a yogic approach.

This positive evolution needs to be publicised, so that you all have something to hold against the mainstream gloom, when people around you tell you the world is going to explode soon.
I am realistic enough to see that our societies are facing huge challenges at the moment, but I also believe that more and more people are making positive changes.

Let’s spread the word!