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February 2019 – Creativity in Spring

Dear Yoginis and Yogis, greetings from the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, where I am spending some wonderful weeks surrounded by nature and friends, while working on a [...]

November 2018 – The Yoga of Contemplation

Dear Yoginis and Yogis, in my 46th year, after literally 30 years of non-stop studying all sorts of subjects, working in offices, teaching yoga, loving, grieving, bonding, travelling [...]

October 2018 – permaculture for yogis

Nature heals, dear yoginis and yogis. Regular readers of my dear Yogibanker’s blog may recall that we recently visited Portugal and had a really eye-opening experience staying at [...]

December 2017 – Yoga for your Eyes

Dear yoginis and yogis, "Yoga for your eyes? I didn't even know that existed!", said two of my students recently, as they read about the workshop I'll be [...]

November 2017 – the yoga of social media

Dear yoginis and yogis, if you are remotely interested in yoga and live in the Western world, you are likely to have noticed that yogis are very present [...]

October 2017 – Yoga for hormonal balance

Dear yoginis and yogis, "Yogatherapy" is a field where the therapeutic effects of yoga are harnessed and used in a targeted way to help people heal, by activating [...]

September 2017 – Selfcare tips for autumn

Dear yoginis and yogis, as the days get shorter and colder, and everyone's schedules fill up, the students in my weekly classes have been getting "my magnesium talk" [...]

August 2017 – Meditate and Mingle

Dear Yoginis and Yogis, What if you could meditate in a beautiful (and non-religious) space, after work, in central London, together with like-minded people from different walks of [...]

July 2017 – Dogs are the better yogis…

... or what you can learn about life from a Dachshund: Detachment, stress management, emotions - spending a week with a cute sausage dog as a teacher was a [...]

June 2017 – World Yoga day

Dear Yoginis and Yogis, Isn't it amazing that the United Nations actually declared a World Yoga Day? It's June 21rst, one of my favourite days of the year [...]

May 2017 – yoga creates connection

Dear yoginis and yogis, Have you noticed that it seems easier to create a bond with people you meet in yoga studios, during yoga workshops and on retreats [...]

April – “Soil, Soul, Society”: urban ecology with Satish Kumar

Dear yoginis and yogis, as I wrote in this other article, the Indian philosopher and ecologist Satish Kumar is one of the living teachers I most admire and [...]

March – the yoga of food

Dear yoginis and yogis, Your yoga practice can influence what you eat, and what you eat can influence your yoga practice. Did you know that? Many aspiring yogis [...]

February – How is your mindset?

Dear yoginis and yogis, thanks to a recommendation from my friend Simone, I discovered the bestseller “Mindset – changing the way you think to fulfil your potential” by [...]

January – The power of “yogic sleep”

Dear yoginis and yogis, Happy New Year! January is a time for new year’s resolutions, and I am happy to see that many London yoga studios offer “New Year’s [...]

December – “Your body, your yoga”

Dear yoginis and yogis, Two fascinating books I recently discovered reflect a “new trend" in yoga teaching: having studied the human anatomy closely, some teachers are now moving [...]

November – an experiment in healing

Dear yoginis and yogis, I recently read about a fascinating scientific study conducted by Harvard psychologists in 1979. It demonstrates the power of mind over matter, a question [...]

October – Yoga for beginners – aren’t we all?

Dear yoginis and yogis, Recently I discovered that the French wellness blogger “Yoga and Tea”  tried my online beginners’ classes on yogaconnect and explained what she liked about them. [...]

September – it’s all about PRANA

Dear yoginis and yogis, How’s your prana today? Whether you are just back from holidays, exhausted from the summer rush (I’m thinking of friends in Spain), recovering from [...]

August – lucky students, lucky teacher

Dear yoginis and yogis, this July, I had many opportunities to reflect on the importance of teachers. One reason was that I was lucky to attend Uma Dinsmore-Tuli's day-long [...]

July – let there be light!

Dear yoginis and yogis, June was marked by two yogic events for me : a weekend in Devon with the wise Satish Kumar and a weekend in the [...]

June – 5 years younger in 3 days

In three days, it is possible to rejuvenate enough to feel five years younger – I have recently experienced it again myself, and seen it on the faces [...]

The improbable making of a yogini – my ashram experience

This article (describing how rocky my early yoga days were) was first published on the website  www.bookyogaretreats.com, a great ressource to find the retreat that's right for you, when [...]

May – The multi-facetted world of “spirituality”

Dear yoginis and yogis, My trip to Australia and Singapore was truly fascinating, and I feel very lucky to have had a chance to visit such amazing places as [...]

Spring equinox – the power of sound

Dear yoginis and yogis, This spring equinox (or autumn equinox if you are where I am headed), I was lucky to be surrounded by sounds: Tibetan bowls, a [...]

March – how to be a balanced traveller

Dear yoginis and yogis, March is a big-time travel month for Yoga in Action: I am writing to you from the French Pyrenees, I will be between London [...]

February – new beginnings

Dear yoginis and yogis, It is done – I have moved to London, and to mark the occasion, my website has had a big make-over (I hope you [...]

January – yogi citizens

Happy New Year, dear yoginis and yogis! May 2016 bring you, and everyone around you, health, serenity and joy – our practice is a way to obtain them! [...]

December – tricks against inner and outer darkness

Dear yoginis and yogis, the year is coming to an end again! And a big year it has been for Yoga in Action, with a lovely retreat in [...]

November – high fidelity

Dear yoginis and yogis, A SAFE yoga practice is incredibly powerful and I have seen it change many lives for the better. There is so much to learn [...]

October – healing vibrations

Dear yoginis and yogis, these days, life prompts me to think a lot about healing, which was what attracted me to yoga in the first place - years [...]

September – I am a yogi nomad

Dear yoginis and yogis, September means back to school / university for the younger yogis and more action at work for those yogis with office jobs, whilst those working [...]

August – Summer in the City

Dear yoginis and yogis, spending the summer in London is a very interesting experience for me - whilst I miss the luxuriant nature of the Sierra de Aracena [...]

July – lots of good news!

Dear yoginis and yogis, June has been a big month for Yoga in Action. First of all, our "secret project" is now out in the open. Thanks to [...]

June – an eventful month!

Dear yoginis and yogis, in Paris the pace of life tends to be frenetic in June, as everyone is trying to wrap up projects before the long summer [...]

May – let your yoga bloom!

Dear yoginis and yogis, I am just back from 4 wonderful days in Italy with this year's bunch of 12 yoginis. We all thoroughly enjoyed the retreat at [...]

April – retreat for renewal

Dear yoginis and yogis, April has arrived, our retreat in Umbria, at Quercia Calante, is approaching! The retreat is full, with 12 yoginis from France, Italy and Switzerland [...]

March – ready for spring

Dear yoginis and yogis, a big hello from the Dolomiti, the Italian mountains, where I am on holiday for a week. I am using the time off to [...]

February – “give love”

Dear yoginis and yogis, Do you like the new look of the website? It is still work in progress, but my gifted team of Italian webmasters is hard at [...]

January – happy 2015!

Dear yoginis and yogis, what an eventful year it has been for Yoga in Action, literally action-packed from early January, when I arrived in Paris and took over [...]

December – Winter solstice again

Dear yoginis and yogis, last December, I celebrated winter solstice and Christmas with Claudia Hubberten and Brent Mackay at La Serranía, the stunning retreat centre in Mallorca. They [...]

Vacances de yoga à la Posada de San Marcos, Alajàr (vidéo)

November – cultivating the inner light

Dear yoginis and yogis, our last monthly workshop took place just after the Indian festival of Diwali, and so it was placed under the theme of  "light". We [...]

October – golden days

Dear yoginis and yogis, Autumn has begun on a mild note, at least in France and England, and I am excited to see that yoga is receiving a [...]

September – back to class

Dear yoginis and yogis, it's "Indian summer" in Paris and classes resumed at CEASC, between Louvre and Opéra, last night. You are welcome to join at any time. [...]

August – summer projects

Dear yoginis and yogis, This post comes two days before August, because I am leaving for Andalusia tomorrow, to prepare for our yoga holiday beginning on Saturday, August [...]

July – summer practice

Dear yoginis and yogis, summer is here and the pace of life is slowing down at last in Paris. My regular classes at CEASC are taking a summer [...]

June – a very active time!

Dear yoginis and yogis, today June 1rst (you can still join!) is the beginning of a yoga challenge started by Suryalila, a retreat centre in Andalusia, to help [...]

May – let your yoga blossom!

Dear Yoginis and yogis, Happy Labour Day and merry month of May to all of you out there. The retreat at Quercia Calante, a great place in Umbria, [...]

April – opening the retreat season!

Dear yoginis and yogis, This year's first "yoga-in-action" retreat, at Quercia Calante in Umbria / Italy, is the biggest event for the month of April. I am really [...]

March – spring is renewal

Dear yoginis and yogis, March means winter is over, and in Paris the cherry trees are blossoming. Spring is the best season for "detoxing", getting rid of toxins [...]

February – a yogic winter

Dear yoginis and yogis, My dear teacher Karuna has left for Bihar and my classes with her students are a real pleasure. I am also starting a lunch-time [...]

January news – happy 2014!

Dear yoginis and yogis, may 2014 shower you with blessings - health, laughter, quality time with people who truly care about you, time out in a natural environment, [...]

December news – plenty of goodies!

Dear Yoginis and Yogis, November has been successful in many ways, and 2014 will be an eventful year for Yoga in Action! I write to you from my [...]

November news – cooking up surprises for 2014

Dear Yoginis and Yogis, I am currently travelling around Europe and cooking up surprises for Spain, Paris and possibly Italy in 2014... I'll be ready to tell you [...]

October news – autumn in the Sierra

Hello Dear yoginis and yogis, autumn is setting in, the Sierra wakes up shrouded in mist, and thunderstorms leave the branches shining like pearls. It's lovely! Alájar recently [...]

September news – after and before the retreat

Happy September Dear Yoginis and Yogis, The light is changing in the Sierra de Aracena, summer is coming to an end and chestnuts are ripening on the trees. [...]

August news – Retreat to the Sierra!

Dear Yoginis and Yogis, life is good in the Sierra! While France, Germany (!) and Seville have lost sleep over the heat, we are fine up here with [...]

July news from Andalucía

Hola dear friends, Yoga-in-action has moved again and is now based in Alájar, Sierra de Aracena, North of Seville (Spain). I teamed up with the Posadas de Alájar [...]

June – preparing the summer

Dear Yoginis and yogis, summer is around the corner and I am wrapping things up in Paris this month before heading South. I am introducing elements of "hormone [...]

Merry May

Hello Dear Yoginis and Yogis, never mind the rain in Paris, we can have sunshine in our hearts (and plan a trip to Spain...). I will be learning [...]

April – massages and more

Dear Yoginis and Yogis, Massage is big on my agenda this month, as I just completed my ayurvedic massage training with Hélène MARIE (www.araty.fr) and will be offering [...]

March – springtime news

Namasté from Paris, dear yoginis and yogis, March is officially springtime, and the energy of renewal makes us want to move the body and breathe deeply, right? At [...]

February – spread the love 🙂

Dear all, Valentine's day is inspiring both Dharmayoga in St Germain and Yoga and Co in Northern Paris to encourage practicing yoga with a partner - so let's [...]

January 2013 – Happy New Year!

Hello dear yogis and yoginis, I greet you all from Paris and hope that 2013 will bring you abundance in all areas of life! This is the link [...]

Last classes in San Agustín

Namasté everyone, the last class at Yoga Studio (and the only one this week) will be on tuesday, December 11th, at 9 pm. There will be a New [...]

December – big news!

Dear yoginis and yogis, astrologers and other New Agers have been gearing up for December 2012 for a long time. We are told the current times emphasise big [...]

November news

Just back from Balitx d'Avall were I spent another magical week-end retreat with Claudia Hubberten (www.yoga-mallorca.com) and 8 wonderful yogis who told us it was an unforgettable experience. [...]

October news

Hello everyone, in October the schedule at Yoga Studio in San Agustín remains the same as in September, and the beach yoga class is still on, thursdays at [...]

September news

We are gearing up for the retreat in Balitx d'Avall this week-end! Last minute reservations taken until tonight! So NO CLASSES at Yoga Studio friday 7th and saturday [...]

Yoga in Action is travelling…

Dear all, I will be in Paris from August 23rd to September 3rd, helping my friend Nadège with the opening of her new yoga centre! If you are [...]

August news

Namaste dear yogis, August is here! Lots of news! At the Studio in San Agustin, the "Mummy and me" class is interrupted until October. The rest of the [...]

July news

Hello to all the brave Mallorcans who stay in Palma over summer, and of course to our friends from abroad visiting the island! In July classes at Yoga [...]

Special offer – monthly fee

For my classes at Yoga Studio in San Agustin, the usual price is 10 euros (60 min. classes). You come whenever you like. Additionally,  I now offer a [...]

Time changes!

Dear all, summer is here and the schedule needs to be adjusted again. So please note that the Beach yoga class on thursday mornings at 9:15 am has [...]

Yoga nidra class for cancer survivors in Portals

Yoga in Action is honoured to be a member of the "Yogabear" network (www.yogabear.org) of yoga teachers who work with cancer survivors. The next class will take place [...]

New in Palma : Yoga for Mummy and Baby!

The Yoga Studio has only been open a few days and we have already received three requests for a "Mummy and me" class, that is a postnatal Yoga [...]

Inauguration event!

Dear all, on the occasion of the April new moon, on saturday, April 21rst, 2012, we will be changing the (new) schedule and offering the following classes: pregnant [...]


Thanks for visiting this new website! The past weeks have been really busy with setting up both this site and the Yoga Studio in San Agustìn. Classes at [...]