Dear yoginis and yogis,
A SAFE yoga practice is incredibly powerful and I have seen it change many lives for the better. There is so much to learn in yoga, and to experiment on oneself, that the Hindu concept of having several lives is a comfort 😉 We can really improve our wellbeing dramatically through asana, pranayama, meditation, healthy eating, and getting enough rest. And that needn’t cost the world, either.

Yet I bet it won’t happen if you stay a “drop-in” student, as many people seem to be nowadays. Of course we can take something useful away from every class we go to, and it is worth trying different yoga styles and teachers, as well as adapting your practice to how you feel. I see the benefit in that and I “shop around” myself quite a bit.

But I already have a relatively strong base – I followed one tradition seriously for three years before expanding my horizons with other teachers. And then I followed another teacher faithfully for two years before moving on again. That means an average of three classes per week, so the teachers knew me, and I had a chance to improve by returning to the same techniques over and over again.

If you really want to find out about yoga – and about yourself -, then seek one good teacher (who explains well and makes you feel safe, and who seems HAPPY with their own life), practice regularly with that same person so he or she can help you grow. Ask that person to recommend a good book to learn more about the philosophical aspect, and go on a yoga retreat if you can afford it, to immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle for a weekend, a week or even longer.

And then apply what you have learnt, day after day, and watch the results unfold.