Dear yoginis and yogis,

Yogatherapy” is a field where the therapeutic effects of yoga are harnessed and used in a targeted way to help people heal, by activating the self-healing power inherent in every human body.
Since studying with the reknowned Birthlight school of perinatal and therapeutic yoga founded by yogatherapist Françoise Freedman, I have been delving deeper into this fascinating subject and using my new knowledge to help students, specifically women with menstrual disorders, fertility issues and symptoms regarding their perimenopause.

The feedback has been great and has motivated the West London Buddhist Centre and myself to offer a series of workshops on several aspects of yogatherapy for women. So, after the success of the more general “Yoga for Hormonal Balance” workshop in August, I am offering a workshop entitled “Pelvic Floor Magic” on 6th October, one on “Yogic Remedies for Menopause” on 10th November and one on “Regulating the Menstrual Cycle” on 1rst of December.


These two-hour workshops start with an overview of relevant information about our anatomy – what do we need to know? We look at the ovary-thyroid-adrenal axis, at the vagus nerve, the psoas muscle, the pelvic floor, and how it all ties in together.
We move, we breathe, we even dance a little, we laugh and sigh, and we rest deeply. The evening ends with a cup of tea and a chat, and everyone emerges wondering where the 2 hours went! I prepared a comprehensive PDF file for each workshop, which participants receive per email afterwards.

If this subject is relevant to you, I look forward to seeing you soon! Tickets are available, pre-booking only, on Eventbrite through the West London Buddhist Centre.