Dear yoginis and yogis,
these days, life prompts me to think a lot about healing, which was what attracted me to yoga in the first place – years ago, yoga allowed me to heal my neck issues and find hormonal balance as well as calmness and confidence.
One aspect of yoga I have recently been more interested in (see previous posts) is healing through sound vibration. My friend Virginie Chase teaches how we can emit vibrations ourselves by making sounds in asanas and pranayama. We become a musical instrument! My friend Larissa Israel meanwhile has learnt how to heal people by making them lie peacefully on the floor whilst she plays certain beautiful instruments in a certain order, and the vibration from the instruments heals the cells of the human body exposed to them. It is my great joy to have been able to organise a workshop in Paris where these two magical ladies will combine their skill to take us on a journey of sound healing.
It will be on October 24th, at 6 pm, at the Saraswati yoga centre, 60 rue Greneta, Paris. Sign up fast, as there are only 15 places! I look forward to sharing this event with you.