Here you will find sample yoga sequences for your home practice. They were designed for my students, answering specific requests they had, but maybe you will find them useful. This section will grow over time with audio and video material. The hand-outs were created using a wonderful online tool, the sequence builder. I also highly recommend Olga Kabel’s Sequence Wiz website for some really good sequences and videos.


Hatha yoga on holiday

I gave this sequence to my regular students last summer to encourage them to keep up their practice during the long French summer holidays. It is a simple and short hatha yoga sequence designed to move the body safely and easily. It can be adapted individually to become more challenging or easier

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Yin yoga with brahmari

A 60. min. sequence focusing on the squat, which also features pranayama in the form of bumble bee breath (brahmari), and time for meditation at the end. Targets the liver, kidney and gallbladder meridians as well as the endocrine glands and the brain.

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Daily hormone yoga practice (hatha yoga).

A short daily yoga for hormonal balance. This sequence was designed for daily practice for a student of mine struggling with perimenopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes. She told me it worked wonders, and that’s thanks to her dedication.

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Free your prana (hatha yoga or flow yoga).

This intermediate sequence focuses on the principle of moving the body according to the rhythm of the breath, allowing you to feel the prana (life energy) flowing freely through your body. It ends with alternate nostril breathing.

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Take the weight off your shoulders (hatha yoga).

This intermediate sequence focuses on the arms and shoulder girdle to remove all tensions in this area – both physical and emotional tension.

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