People who are making a difference

In this section I share information about people, DVDs, books, blogs and organisations that promote peaceful social change, because I realise that many people are not aware of all the wonderful projects and movements which are helping to make this planet a happier and more sustainable place. There is a lot of positivity out there, and to know about it helps you feel more optimistic about our common future. It may even inspire you to participate!

Free yoga podcasts: YEDtalks

Scottish yoginis Lindsey and Emma offer a series of FREE podcasts (=audio recordings, downloadable from the internet) about all things yoga, called “YED Talks” (YED = Yoga every [...]

Amandine Roche – Amanuddin Foundation

Amandine Roche is a Human rights lawyer, writer, photographer and UN Peace Keeper. I found out about her through an article in the French magazine Happinez and find [...]

David R. Loy, “Money, Sex, War, Karma”

This is a book I read with great joy, as it explains with simple and powerful words what I believe to be an exciting prospect for the future, [...]

Lindsay Levin of Leaders Quest

I first heard about her because one of my students is friends with her and gave me her book, Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a [...]

Satish Kumar (author, teacher and political activist)

I discovered this extraordinary man through the interviews in En quête de sens. He teaches on ecology, holistic education and voluntary simplicity. A former monk and long-term peace [...]

Yogibanker – social media activist

“Bringing the City and alternative lifestyles together” was this blog's first slogan, which I really liked. The great thing about the Yogibanker is that he counters all the bad [...]

Economics of Happiness (DVD)

This is an English-speaking documentary by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick and John Page released in 2011. It is like the “older brother” of En quête de sens and conveys [...]

En quête de sens (DVD)

I am part of the online crowd that funded En quête de sens, the project into being – two young Frenchmen (N. Coste and M. De la Ménardière) travelled the [...]